Welcome to the church of St Peter in the village of Barton, Cambridgeshire. This was a flourishing village even in Saxon times, for it is mentioned three times in the Domesday Book. In modern times, the village is part of the Lordsbridge Team Ministry in the Bourn Deanery of the Diocese of Ely, with Team Vicar Rev. Rebecca Gilbert taking special responsibility for Barton and the neighbouring villages of Coton, Haslingfield and Harlton.

Our Parish Church is open for private and public prayer, for worship, or just to visit, during daylight hours each and every day.

Easter Thoughts from Becca …

Dear Friends,

I am looking forward to celebrating Easter this year through a range of services and activities that reflect different aspects of the Easter story held at churches in our village and beyond. Remembering the last supper as we gather on Maundy Thursday in Haslingfield, to pausing to pray at churches across the Lordsbridge Team and ending at St Peter’s as we carry the cross on Good Friday for our walk of witness, and then on to the joy of Easter Sunday as we celebrate with breakfast first in the village hall at 8.30am – don’t miss it!

These services retell the story of Jesus’ last days, as he gathered with his disciples to share one last meal, encouraging them never to stop meeting and sharing a meal together, to the agony of Jesus crucified on the cross on what we now call Good Friday. That very act of sacrifice – God himself upon the cross, in the person of Jesus, reconciling us back to himself – only makes sense when Sunday comes of course, as we celebrate Jesus risen, and conquering death. We gather in joy each year to celebrate that love wins, trusting in the hope offered to each one of us through the saving act of the cross. My children look forward to Easter too. When I asked them why, they replied it’s because the Easter bunny arrives with lots of chocolate. As a vicar, I clearly have a lot more work to do!

For me Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and the long bank holiday isn’t ultimately enough for me. How about you? I was not brought up in a Christian family but became a Christian as a 10-year-old. Through doubts and fears, joys and mountain-top experiences I remain following Jesus 32 years later, he who knows what it is to suffer but offers everyone of us through the cross the hope that death does not have the final say – a gift that can be life giving now but one that last into all eternity. And for that I’m deeply thankful. Just as the wonderful hymn Amazing Grace says: T’was grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace, my fears relieved, how precious did that grace appear, the hour I first believed. As always you are more than welcome to join us on any Sunday morning at both St Peter’s and at Barton Baptist church – and I can guarantee breakfast and chocolate at our Easter service too, but also I believe, so much more…

With much love, and Happy Easter!

Rev Rebecca Gilbert,

Vicar to Lordsbridge Team

Generous Slice Cafe


…. for A GENEROUS SLICE to open its doors and welcome you all in for coffee and refreshments, and chat with friends and neighbours!

The next event is on Wednesday 7th March from 8.45am in the Village Hall. Come along and enjoy tea or coffee and some toast, a croissant and maybe some cake. Little ones are welcome and there are toys and games for them. Look forward to seeing you there!