Welcome to the church of St Peter in the village of Barton, Cambridgeshire. This was a flourishing village even in Saxon times, for it is mentioned three times in the Domesday Book. In modern times, the village is part of the Lordsbridge Team Ministry in the Bourn Deanery of the Diocese of Ely, with Team Vicar Rev. Rebecca Gilbert taking special responsibility for Barton and the neighbouring villages of Coton, Haslingfield and Harlton.

Our Parish Church is open for private and public prayer, for worship, or just to visit, during daylight hours each and every day.

Autumn Message from Revd Corin Redsell

Dear Friends,

‘When my wife bought me an electric shaver, I liked it so much I bought the company.’

These words were spoken by Victor Kiam in a TV advert in 1979, referring to the company Remington. I’ve been thinking about those words this year. Having finished being the curate for the local churches in 2015, we decided that while we couldn’t afford to buy the whole village, we liked it so much that we might at least be able to buy a house! Having managed this, we were able to move to Barton in the summer of this year. It’s great to be a part of the village that meant so much to us when I was serving the churches in what is known as the Lordsbridge team. Now I continue to do so on a voluntary basis, working part time in publishing to support this role.

One of things about being a minister in Barton that I enjoy the most is the café The Generous Slice. It is a great way for the churches in Barton to offer the whole village a space to meet, share in each other’s company and relax. It currently meets once every half term from 8.45 a.m. to about 10.30 in the Village Hall. This is a great time for parents, grandparents and carers to get together after the school drop off or the assembly, but it is very much open to everyone in Barton. If you like croissants, good coffee and a relaxing start to your day, do come along! The next opening will be on 16th November. The Generous Slice is not about making a profit. Any money made from donations is used to cover costs and the surplus is reinvested in the café. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, said:

‘…the idea of just wandering off to a café with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss.’

We all need a bit of space for reflection and conversation, which is one of the core values of the Generous Slice, and, if J. K. Rowling wanders in, we promise to let her have the space she needs! Hope to see you soon! God bless

Revd Corin Redsell

Associate Minister to Lordsbridge Team