Welcome to the church of St Peter in the village of Barton, Cambridgeshire. This was a flourishing village even in Saxon times, for it is mentioned three times in the Domesday Book. In modern times, the village is part of the Lordsbridge Team Ministry in the Bourn Deanery of the Diocese of Ely, with Team Vicar Rev. Rebecca Gilbert taking special responsibility for Barton and the neighbouring villages of Coton, Haslingfield and Harlton.

Our Parish Church is open for private and public prayer, for worship, or just to visit, during daylight hours each and every day.

A message from Becca …..

Dear Friends,

Lying in the depths of winter, the month of February often seems to be a time for hunkering down, staying in and lighting the fire (or booking a holiday to warmer climes!) to combat the cold and scarcity of sunlight. I have been trying to find time to enjoy my Christmas presents, one of them being a book entitled The Little Book of Hygge, which explores one of the latest trends from northern shores. Imported from Scandinavia, whose inhabitants have spent millennia honing the art of living through harsh winters, hygge is the idea of cosiness and comfort that leads to quiet, simple contentment, often involving blankets, candles, open fires and heavy-knit jumpers. Although I have spoken to Scandinavian friends who have been bemused that such a simple word, which is part of the way of life for many, has become a ‘trend’!

Whilst I’m enjoying this little book and the reminder to enjoy simple pleasures – I wonder if our interpretation of this wonderful little word could lead us to being a little less social and even more individualistic, something that as a nation I don’t think we can afford to do. What I love about the villages that I have the privilege to serve is that they are communities in which I see people working together, caring for one another and getting stuck in (which in its truest sense I suspect is hygge too). Rather than churches being cosy places for the few, we desire our churches to be those places that offer love and support community within the places they are rooted, sharing a peace and comfort that will last into all eternity through Jesus Christ. I believe we already do this, but am always open to new ideas and ways in which we can serve you more. So, enjoy some hygge time this month!

Much love


Revd Becca Gilbert

Vicar to the Lordsbridge Team