August thoughts from Ruth Bond

Dear Friends.
Last July I wrote of us living in extraordinary times which, politically speaking,
we were. Never would any of us have thought times could be even more
extraordinary than they have been in the last five months. We have all been
players in a completely worldwide event. Locked down, shut in, cut off in many
ways and the sadness of loss does not go away but life still continues with all its usual and new highs and lows.

We have lived with Guidance throughout this season and daily we learned of the
situation and the next step. The gratitude, and disgruntled, arguments were seen
and heard and technology came up with more and more opportunities if we chose   
to engage with them. And for a time, everything was at a slower pace.

But things inevitably change and it’s never too early for a celebration. Here in St
Peter’s we had the opportunity to celebrate ‘Back to Church Sunday’* two months
earlier than 20th September, its official date. A short and simple service has been
offered since the middle of July in St Peter’s for those who wished to return to
hear a service spoken in person rather than via technology. Guidance is given on
how to proceed with the safety of everyone who attends in mind. These measures
alone make us realise that everything has altered. The building that is the church
is the same but the mode of worship known for decades has changed. We
returned to a slimmed down and different way of church.

Since the mid fourteenth century this building will have seen many changes,
incumbents have come and gone, but the essence of what the church is has been
constant. This edifice was begun with a corner stone both practically and
spiritually for Christ is the cornerstone ** and “Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labour in vain” says the writer of Psalm 127. Guidance has always
been given!

No matter what form a service and worship takes it is of little consequence unless
Jesus is at the heart of all activity that takes place both inside and outside the

We are building new churches of service in these unprecedented times. Churches
of interaction and care for other people, for those who have lost jobs, cannot feed
their families, have nowhere to lay their heads or who are trafficked into our
beautiful city of Cambridge. Situations such as these are where the builders of the
new churches must be; and as long as the builders are part of the firm, no crisis
can touch the breadth, depth, height and length of God’s love which can achieve
great things.
Stay safe Barton

Ruth Bond LLM