Thoughts for July

Dear Friends

We have recently been hatching chicks! It’s been wonderful to see the new life emerge. Our family is growing! I’m not sure what our springer spaniel thinks, but hopefully, rather than being fearful, he will embrace the change and encourage these fledglings to become part of our family – albeit in an enclosed space in our garden at first!

We extend a particularly warm welcome at St Peter’s this month to those who, like me, have family members from the animal kingdom, whether the feathered variety or like our oldest member, the furry, four-legged type! Knowing just how much animals can be an important part of life, we are holding a service on 9th July at 3pm that will thank God for our pets. It will be a very simple service, and will be accompanied by refreshments after for owners and pets alike! Please do join us; we hope it will be a wonderful service. If you would like to know more, please contact Ruth Bond or me for more details.

And, of course, whilst we are talking about animals and birds, please don’t forget the ducks! Have you decorated yours yet? Please do – it will be lovely to see the rich variety of who we are in Barton, represented through this fabulous idea of designing and decorating a duck for fête day! They will all be undoubtedly different, but that is quite right and as it should be, and like the members of our family, it’s how we live together that counts. In my opinion, we are richer for the diversity and I look forward to celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of our community in this way. If you haven’t heard about the ducks…continue reading…and you’ll find out further on in the magazine!

Enjoy this month and the ways in which our village brings us together to celebrate the community we have.

Much love, Becca   

Revd Becca Gilbert      Vicar to Lordsbridge Team